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Netway Solutions leverages enterprise scale architecture with practical, real world experience to deliver core systems and network infrastructure. We cover all aspects of system design and implementation while providing scalable, reliable, and cost effective solutions in the following areas:



As your business grows, you may find you can’t maximize your business strategies because of limited technological capabilities. A comprehensive IT Assessment will:

  • Address concerns related to your infrastructure.
  • Help resolve future growth and capacity hurdles.
  • Outline a plan to prioritize IT investments.

This is the first step towards ensuring your IT infrastructure is properly designed to support your organization’s evolving needs.

At Netway Solutions IT Assessments start with a complete Systems Health Check designed to uncover existing and potential performance issues. Staff skills, insufficient use of resources, and basic Information Technology security issues are addressed initially.

The next step is an in-depth Network Security Assessment, which includes vulnerability assessments. We identify potential risks to your business, and develop a plan of action to protect your IT infrastructure.

Once an IT Assessment is complete, Netway Solutions can provide further IT consulting or technical support to assist in the implementation of any recommended tactical and strategic Information Technology solutions.


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If youre still using Windows XP or 7 and Server 2008 or 2012, it’s time to move to Windows 10 & Server 2016.

The Netway Solutions ‘Model’ provides a complete migration process from your out-of-date, end-of-life Windows server and workstation installations, to a tightly integrated offering for all current versions of Windows software performed without business disruption. Our ‘Model’ implementation can include all or some of these OS components. More details on our ‘Model’ components are available in the Approach section.

If you need to upgrade Exchange, migrate to a new Active Directory or combine two or more AD structures into one email system, Netway Solutions has the skills and tools you need to implement without business disruption.

We can help you realize dramatic savings, achieve higher user productivity and build a more valued IT department.

  1. 1
    Computing Environment Assessment
    This initial preparatory step involves getting an accurate picture of your organization’s existing network, servers, computers, applications and users.
  2. 2
    Migration Planning
    With the aid of the prior detailed overview we can now prepare a streamlined plan to migrate your organization’s hardware and users while your organization operates. Followed by back-ups of existing user data and settings.  
  3. 3
    System Up-fit
    Now that we have assessed your systems and network it may be necessary to perform hardware upgrades or replacements to support the migration process. 
  4. 4
    Construct New Environment
    Next we will work on establishing a new production environment for supporting back-end systems and implement security policies.   
  5. 5
    Test & Release
    Now we can test the new version of Windows with existing applications and user migration scenarios. If incompatibility issues arise with applications, we can help you decide whether to update the conflicting application or run it in a virtual legacy environment.    
  6. 6
    Deploy New Environment
    The final step is the implementation of the migration plan. Deploying the new back-end support systems, imaging PCs and migrating users.


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Microsoft Services Delivery

Using Microsoft platforms Netway Solutions can deliver effective and practical business solutions ranging from Active Directory and Exchange implementations to Managed Desktop Services.  Making your PC-based computing reliable and sustainable with maximum value for your business.

Virtualization & Cloud Computing

Using Virtualization we can show you ‘how’ to abstract your software from it’s hardware shackles, with cloud computing we can redirect ‘where’ your computing takes place. Netway Solutions can apply these concepts to servers, desktops and applications providing cost effective, high availability solutions.

WAN/LAN Connectivity

Today’s businesses require their workforce to access information and systems from anywhere. Netway Solutions can design and implementation wired or wireless connectivity services with security in mind for fluid operability within and across organizations.

Mobile Computing fd

Mobile devices empower users by providing them with access to information  anytime. Netway Solutions can implement various proven solutions for fluid synchronization between mobile devices and corporate systems to keep your mobile users informed and productive.



Messaging Solutions

E-mail, instant messaging, voice mail and social networks are some of the most common forms of messaging. Most people today have more than one of each for personal and business use. Netway Solutions can help bring unity to all your messaging needs.

Enterprise Security 

Systems security represents one of the most important areas of your business. At Netway Solutions, we listen to understand your needs and implement security solutions to only provide authorized access to your systems and information.

Disaster Recovery the

High availability systems and a strong Disaster Recovery Plan are a must-have for today’s businesses. Regardless of the complexities of disparate systems, using a multidisciplinary approach Netway Solutions can ensure your environment is available to you and your customers.


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Technology Monitoring

Today’s businesses depend on IT groups to predict and solve operational issues before they occur.  Netway Solutions advanced monitoring processes can automate and improve the responsiveness for your IT department to address problems before they affect your business.

Desktop Management dfgfdgdf

Installing and maintaining software on users’ workstations can be time consuming, expensive and frustrating. At Netway Solutions we can automate these tasks with our low cost and open-source solutions to workstation imaging, software packaging & distribution, along with managing process updates quickly and efficiently.

Help Desk Services gfgfgfffgfgfrree

It is vital to have a Help Desk that can remedy problems with minimum impact to users and customers for operational efficiency.  Implementing Netway Solutions’ best practice model for Help Desk services will ensure you have a capable and reliable support force in your organization.



Server Support gfgfgdstertsdss

Setting up a new data center, upgrading operating systems, or building new servers can be overwhelming. Having performed numerous successful large/small scale enterprise deployments and migrations Netway Solutions can effectively manage your server environments.

Data Center Management hfghfghfggh gfdtreeffd gdfggff
Cable management, data center configuration, environmental control & monitoring, and overall management best practices are all part of Netway Solutions’ core competencies. We can improve your data center management and ensure your business is not at risk.

Business Intelligence fsdfs sdfsdfsdf sdfs fsdff

Having the right information, at the right time, in the right format is imperative in today’s fast paced business environment. Netway Solutions can help with BI Solutions Proof of Concept, Data Mart construction, reporting and analytics.


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