Our goal is to meet your needs, not to just sell you hardware/software.

At Netway Solutions we don’t push hot trends from trade publications; instead, we provide you with a cost effective IT strategy to address your specific business needs.



The ‘Model’ is a tightly integrated Netway Solutions IT infrastructure offering with the following features:

  1. 1
    • Active Directory Integrated PCs with a managed start menu.
    • Brisk PC recovery using hardware independent imaging with multicast capability.
    • Centrally managed software distribution with silent installs.
    • Robust help desk system with remote control ability for accessing user PCs.
    • Centralized user data storage via folder redirection and ActiveSync.
  2. 2
    • Multiple independent platforms hosted on a single server via virtualization.
    • High availability using a distributed data replication process.
    • Managed multi-level backup process for disaster recovery.
    • Web based monitoring and performance management.
    • Optimized system use with integrated email, file, print, IM, SQL and Web Services.
    • Proven server and accessory specifications.
    • Automated UPS switch over and HVAC services.
  3. 3
    • Network planning and design based on an analytical approach ensuring scalability and resilience.
    • Secure access for mobile devices via encrypted tunneling.
    • Layer 2 & 3 switched networks, along with link aggregation and VLANs.
    • Geographically dispersed telecommunications with Wide Area Network support.
    • Site to site VPN tunneling and remote site access to networks behind a DMZ.
    • Granular network performance monitoring and analysis capabilities.
  4. 4
    • Inbound and outbound Stateful Inspection via redundant firewalls with active/active and active/passive failover.
    • Active Directory integrated access to outbound connections using single sign-on.
    • Centralized authentications for inbound VPN connections using Active Directory and RADUIS.
    • Automated email spam and anti-virus scanning with attachment filtering capabilities.
  5. 5
    • Integrated support and connectivity for handheld devices.
    • Allowances for laptops to travel between sites or domains.
    • Allowances for laptops to leave a domain.
    • Centralized mobile device management with remote wipe capability.
  6. 6
    • Management policies via Active Directory for user access and granular administrative access.
    • Predefined change management policies and procedures.
    • Multi-level anti-virus and malware protection.
    • Network perimeter security with programmatic security policies.

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IT Consulting at Netway Solutions is centered around observation and measurement. This approach covers everything we do from hardware selection to understanding user needs to training IT staff. This may sound obvious, but these fundementals are often forgotten in today’s fast paced business environment.

Our goal is to seek out the best technical solution at the lowest cost, with the highest value to our customers, without any bias. We accomplish this through the architectural arrangement of carefully considered components to optimize performance while being cognizant of our industry’s best practices.

Working based on performance metrics is only part of our process, we also pave a path to maintaining performance levels after an implementation is complete.




Netway Solutions led the corporate IT staff and management of a fortune 100 global vertical electronics manufacturer through the deployment of the ‘Model’. Included over 100 sites word-wide, covering 34,000+ desktops and 24,000+ mailboxes resulting in a 30% reduction of support staff and 50% reduction in Total Cost of Ownership.

Implemented key ‘Model’ components were:

    • Creation of granular IT security structures to enable distributed and multi-site operations.
    • Migration of 5 separate corporate e-mail systems into a single distributed Microsoft Exchange email system.
    • Hardware-independent PC imaging, software distribution and help desk with remote support.
    • Distributed network, server and application monitoring with automated alert capabilites.

We provided all the same IT infrastructure processes, systems and services usually only available to larger organizations, to a smaller ($100M) tech-heavy manufacturer enabling business growth and improved level of service delivery, without increasing headcount.

Netway Solutions also supplied scalable, ready-to-deploy  IT systems coupled with integration services to support several corporate acquisitions in time sensitive, high pressure environments.