26 Nov 2012
November 26, 2012

Hyperoo 2.0 Live Released

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Hyperoo Ltd has released version 2.0 of its signature system backup product. Hyperoo is a file and system backup product that uses block level replication to provide point-in-time backups of Hyper-V VMs, running databases, and Exchange servers, as well as normal file replication. Hyperoo doesn’t perform system state backups of the host or running system, instead it uses Volume Shadow Copy to snapshot running files and replicates using a custom checksum differencing engine.

In v1.6, they added “rewind” files that essentially added differential/incremental backups to running VMs. Performance has been good, but relied on a full read of all data to be replicated at each backup interval. This product’s most attractive feature was and is it’s price at $100 per Hyper-V host.

A significant upgrade from v1.6, Hyperoo now comes in Standard and Live versions ($100 and $150 per Hyper-V host, respectively). v2.0 Standard appears to be essentially the same as v1.6, with a drastically improved GUI, much better access to job execution logs, and more information on storage usage. Also it appears that a Hyperoo Server can now use network storage, but one has to assume this would require 10-gigabit Ethernet connections for performance to come close to direct attached storage.

The real improvements for this product are with the Live edition of Hyperoo v2.0. As the name implies, Hyperoo v2.0 Live maintains (nearly) continuous replication of changes on hosted VMs. This product should be superior to the replication native to Windows Server 2012 since Server 2012 can only replicate at 15 minute intervals. Hyperoo v2.0 Live replicates as fast as once every 10 seconds.

We haven’t loaded up the new version and converted all our clients to v2.0 just yet, but we will soon. There are lots of questions regarding system loads resynchronization times and scheduling that are endemic to much more expensive products like Double-Take that we will have to address. We’ll also be curious to see how or if the rewind feature is implemented in v2.0 Live.

You can visit Hyperoo at www.hyperoo.net.




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