The internet has been buzzing with ways to bring back the start menu in Windows 8 and it looks like Samsung will be offering its own solution called S Launcher on their devices. Read the full article below:   read more →

There was a great article in InfoWorld last week talking about if there will be demand for Touch enabled Laptops/Desktops running Windows 8. It looks like hardware manufacturers are betting on Touch along with Microsoft. To put it gently, It’s hard to tell if users really want to reach out and touch their PCs. You can read.. read more →

Amazon Web Services made some headlines this week announcing their new Glacier service for off-site archival storage. Naturally, we were interested in the service since archival backups are an important part of any IT infrastructure undertaking. That is, until we saw the following article from Wired that talks about the costs associated with retrieving your data from the service. Read the.. read more →

Sean Ludwig posted a very insightful article at Venture Beat discussing the short comings of Windows 8 on Desktop machines. We have experienced some of the same issues he mentioned here in our test lab at Netway Solutions. Read the full article below:     read more →

A new start-up called SimpliVity wants to sell you a super appliance that can do all the jobs that multiple appliances like WAN optimization, deduplication, backup, etc. This is an interesting concept and we’ll keep an eye on it. Read the full article below:   read more →